Confectionery sunflower is a large-seeded form of oilseed sunflower with special features,such as large fruit,colour,peeling thickness,separability of the kernel from the peeling. Confectionery sunflower seeds are used in food industry, namely: for roasting, production of halvah, honey-nut bars and other confectionery products.

There is a production statistics for agricultural crops in Ukraine, but confectionery sunflower hasn’t been separated to any particular section in state statistics, as it covers only about 8% of the whole sunflower production.  

However, according to the marketing research of 2016-2017MY(marketing year) the ratio of confectionery sunflower will grow 12% of general seeds production.   

Company LLC Golden Standard 2015 offers high quality confectionery sunflower seeds of sorts Lakomka, SPK, Oreshek etc. calibrated in 3,8+, 4,0+, 4,2+ fractions. Other fractions - upon request.  

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