Sunflower kernels are peeled sunflower seeds, used in culinary, confectionary industries. Sunflower kernel has got lots of vitamins A, E, D, F and a lot of protein. Products made of sunflower kernel are popular in Germany, Poland, France, Baltic countries.

According to GOST standard, there exist two types of sunflower kernels:

1. Prime grade: up to 3% of broken kernels are allowed (used in honey-nut bars production, roasting, packaged to be sold in retail chains etc.)

2. First grade – up to 15% of broken kernels are allowed (used in halvah, nut brittle, cakes topping, ice-cream etc.)  

LLC Golden Standard 2015 offers prime and first grade sunflower kernels, packed in 25 kg craft bags, for sale in Ukraine and abroad.

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