From ancient times mustard seeds have been considered to be one of the most popular spices in the world. Germany is deemed to be the biggest consumer of mustard in the world, where it is eaten with their famous small sausages, bratwursts, weisswursts. Mustard seeds are mostly used in different spices and dressings, while mustard oil (oil content 25-35%, manufactured by pressing) extracted from mustard seeds, are widely used in soap-boiling, perfume and chemical industry, forms part of some pharmaceutical products. 

Main producers and suppliers of mustard seeds to the world market are such countries as: Canada, China, India. 

There are three sorts of mustard seeds grown in Ukraine: white mustard (Sinaris alba), yellow mustard, tendergreen (Brassica juncea) and black mustard. 

LLC Golden Standard 2015 offers white, yellow and black mustard seeds, packed in 25 kg craft bags or 1000 kg Big-Bags, having 95% purity and moisture up to 9%, for sale across Ukraine and abroad. 

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The cleaning process is mustard on white cleaning equipment LLC "GOLD STANDARD 2015"