LLC Golden Standard 2015 offers retrofitted grain cleaning equipment PETKUS GIGANT K-531 with 1 year guarantee, which is primarily meant for grains and oilseed plants preparation for planting or realization at one single pass, and calibration of confectionary sunflower seeds.

Self-propelled heap cleaner OVS-25 is meant for preliminary and primary purification of harvested grain heap of grain, leguminous crops, corn, sorgo, sunflower, rapes seeds at open fields. 

Flax is a member of the genus Linum in the family Linaceae, an annual oil and industrial plant.

Main manufacturers and suppliers of flax seed to the world market are such countries as: Canada, India, China, the USA, Russia, Kazakhstan. 

Confectionery sunflower is a large-seeded form of oilseed sunflower with special features,such as large fruit,colour,peeling thickness,separability of the kernel from the peeling. Confectionery sunflower seeds are used in food industry, namely: for roasting, production of halvah, honey-nut bars and other confectionery products.

From ancient times mustard seeds have been considered to be one of the most popular spices in the world. Germany is deemed to be the biggest consumer of mustard in the world, where it is eaten with their famous small sausages, bratwursts, weisswursts. Mustard seeds are mostly used in different spices and dressings, while mustard oil (oil content 25-35%, manufactured by pressing) extracted from mustard seeds, are widely used in soap-boiling, perfume and chemical industry, forms part of some pharmaceutical products. 

Coriander is, as a rule, an annual herb  in the family Apiaceae, in most cases is used for culinary purposes, but also in perfume and soap industry to add flavor.

The main producers and suppliers (exporters) in the world market of coriander seeds are such countries: India, Morocco, Canada, Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine exports around 70% of cultivated  coriander seeds to Europe and Asia. 

Oil cake is a product manufactured by direct pressing from prepared oilseed plants(sunflower, soy, rape etc.), contains much protein (12-40%).After the pressing, the oil cake has about 10% of unextracted fat.

Sunflower kernels are peeled sunflower seeds, used in culinary, confectionary industries. Sunflower kernel has got lots of vitamins A, E, D, F and a lot of protein. Products made of sunflower kernel are popular in Germany, Poland, France, Baltic countries.

Caraway is a biennial plant in the family Apiaceae, essential odoriferous plant. It is considered to be the most appreciated Eastern spice. 

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