Well aware that the reduction of losses of grain after the harvest, as well as being the improvement of the quality of the seed and grain through the use of modern technologies is of great importance for agriculture worldwide Christian Friedrich Rёben back in 1852, in the small town of Wutha (Germany) It begins to develop the first machines for cleaning and postharvest processing of grain and oilseeds.

It is hard today to find someone who has never tried sunflower seeds. The smell and the sight of these little seeds make a brilliant hand drawn to them, enjoying their aromatic taste, and to break away from this process can be very difficult.


Historic vote on June 24 decided the fate of the UK - the country out of the EU. For this decision voted 52% of the British, and that 16.7 million people. This result has shocked many British farmers. It was creeping at a crossroads as to continue to work, where to sell their products?

Corn - a living organism, in which, even after the harvest flow characteristic life processes.

You may ask why you need to clean the grain after the harvest, because when it is necessary to invest considerable costs both physical and material? I'll tell you, all the parties of freshly harvested grain are subject to mandatory clearing. It is generally known to each worker of agriculture.

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